“We have had 4 dryers (3 Mini EZ and a Alpha) from Dave for 7 months now. We could not be happier with the product, the customer service and the speed of shipping. Dave has been accommodating to our needs as a grooming academy and a established grooming shop. We will soon be adding more dryers as we expand!”
Dara Forleo
The Whole Pet Grooming Academy
Peterborough, NH
“I thought I had died and gone to heaven when I found David and his dryers. It has been over 11 years and I still feel the same way. I could not continue my business without the dryers. My dogs and cats turn out beautiful, I never have to worry about a broken dryer or not being able to finish the day because of a malfunction with a dryer. David is the most professional vender I have ever worked with and I hope he continues at least as long as I do.”
Susan Anderson Grooming
Bend, OR
“Love my dryer. I have used Hurrycanine dryers for years and have always been happy. The customer service is awesome!”
Dawn M Vaughn
Kilauea, HI
“We bought The Super EZ Dryer which is not cheap but it is so worth the price that I was glad to pay for it. We have 4 dogs at home and love doing the grooming ourselves but needed a high quality dryer. David from Hurrycanine came to our house and provided us with the most powerful dryer and with THE best customer service. We are so satisfied with this dryer that we actually look forward to grooming the dogs. We got a call from David after few days after making our purchase asking how the dryer was working for us. I was very happy that he takes care of his customers and also pleased that he does house calls. Quality of dryer is excellent and love that he has a lease plan available if you can't pay the entire amount. We gladly paid full price and happy about it.”
Christina F.
Los Angeles, CA
“I love Hurrycanine because I feel I am dealing with successful professional people who not only produce a great product, but have the integrity to back it. I could not run my business without it.”
Sherry Stone
The Dog House — Reno, NV
30 years professional groomer
“Best dryer ever! Have had many!! I am a groomer so its the only dryer I will use as a handler!”
Carrie Forsyth — Midway City, CA
“I wanted to take this opportunity and thank you so much for your Force Dryers. They are an asset to my grooming business. Your service and reliability is to be commended. I have never had a problem using your dryers and wouldn't think of using any other. Again, thank you for your product and wonderful service.”
You Dirty Dog — Palm Desert, CA
“We have been a customer of Dave at Hurrycanine Products since 1996. We are pleased with our dryers and Dave has always been there when needed for any service or advice. Keep up the good work.”
The Dirty Dog-O-Mat — Yucca Valley, CA
“Hollywoof’s would like to thank you for your wonderful service over the past year. If we’ve had a crisis arise, you have been prompt to remedy the situation. Thanks for making my job easier.”
Hollywoof’s — Beaumont, CA
“Prompt, dependable service at reasonable rates. The dryer itself is the best”
Man's Best Friend Dog Grooming — Las Vegas, NV
“I can’t imagine grooming dogs without our Hurrycanine dryer. Not only does it cut down on drying time, but if fluffs up coats nicely.”
Samantha Schenck
Bark Avenue Pet Salon — La Mesa, CA
“I love love love this product! I have the mini dryer and have five corgis and it works amazing on them! I was introduced to this product by someone raving about it and now im doing the same! Very fast delivery and awesome customer service! ”
Brittany Gibbs — TX
“Hurrycanine is the best dryer around. It is powerful enough to blow out the densest coat and cuts drying time down. Dave is a great guy and is always there when you need him.”
Chris Sage
Grooming by Chris — Reno, NV

Owner Since 1991


Dave Fazzone
HurryCanine exists to simplify the life of the Pet Groomer, we specialize in fast service and high quality force air dryers to minimize drying time. Dryers under our lease contract are changed out as soon as possible, more than likely within the week of request and with our ability to provide flexible hours we are able to create jobs for college students.