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Industrial Quality Forced Air Dryers

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Simple & Dependable Pet Dryers

HurryCanine force dog dryers are heavy duty galvanized steel dryers built the way things used to be made. "Simple and reliable" describes HurryCanine Dryers.

Invented in 1978, we maintain the same quality, time proven design with the latest switches and UL approved motors. Now made even better with a service plan that simplifies the life of a dog groomer.

For a reasonable monthly rate, you get a brand new pet dryer. When brushes wear out or anything goes wrong, just call and we will send you a new dryer.



FPM refers to the "air speed" produced by a dryer, as measured in Feet Per Minute. CFM is a measure of the "air flow," stated in Cubic Feet per Minute. In other words, FPM is a measurement of how fast the air moves and CFM measures how much air is moved. Some manufacturers prefer one form of measurement over another. Many rate their products both ways, making for easier comparisons. However, FPM is directly affected by the size of the opening. When measured at the hose, without a nozzle, it will be less than when an air concentrator nozzle with a smaller opening is attached. Due to the potential differences, accurate comparison of dryers by FPM is far more complicated and cannot be accomplished by referring solely to the face-value of FPM ratings. It should be noted that all HVAC (heating and air-conditioning) equipment and professional air-moving equipment is rated in CFMs.

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